Time for something new?

I thought it was about time I shared with you something new I've been working on. 
As you know this year has been a busy one already for me. 
A workshop a at Cottonwool Creations, and another 3 booked at Bear Essence in October. 
That's 40 mink bear kits, traced, lined, cut and ready to sew!
If that were not enough on top of working full time and sewing bears.

I'm really touched that so many of you want to make a bear with me.
I even have one wonderful new friend coming from New Zealand to take my class!
Wow - how is that!

I'm so excited by it all. I can't wait to be at the Bear Bazzar show too!
I better make some bears.

In the meantime I have had the idea to create an online course.
An online workshop with me, for you, in your own home. 

All will be revealed soon!

In the meantime, I can promise you 
while you might not be seeing the weekly blog post, 
things are happening here.

I'm on holidays from work, but it's a "Stay"cation for me.
I'm here busy creating the Masterclass for you.

As always, I never do things by half, so I will be launching a 
new website, new blog, and a course platform!

I've been very busy today in Photoshop, something else I had to learn
taking photos and transforming screenshots 
for my new staged graphics.

What do you think?

Before - 

Add some Photoshop magic-

After -
The final result. 
Photo taken, Screenshots grabbed and inserted into the iPad post production.

Now I know how they get those clear screen images, in flat lays.
There is always a trick to know.
I can't wait to show you the new website!

So on that note, I will be bring you some of my bear making tricks soon.
Stay tuned, for updates.

I'd love to hear what you think of the Masterclass. 
You can drop me an email at helen@barecubdesigns.com
I'd love to hear what you would like to see. 
After all I am creating this for you!

Bear Making Guides

Do you want to make beautiful bears like the professional artists? Well now you can!

Learn how to make teddy bears from an award winning bear artist. Nothing is hidden, you will see all the techniques  I use to make my beautiful bears, including working with mink bumper issue. This is like having a personal workshop with me in your own home. There are over 150 step-by-step photos in the bumper mink Hershy issue.

See each guide below and what's included. Each guide also covers tools of the trade, and products l love to work with and why.
 These 12 guides and 12 patterns are valued at well over $240. The bumper mink issue is a wonderful reference a worth well over $80 alone.

Buy Now
$80 US - instant access to all 12 patterns and 12 guides shown below

Issue 1 Neo/ Snuggle
Learn to sculpt and shade eyes. Learn a special way of inserting eyes that you can do all on your own, while still getting that nice "sculpted" look, using the "Button Method" No more ugly dimples on the back of your bears head. This bear was nominated for Toby Award.

Issue 2 Jester

Learn how to make miniature bears using the "Slit Jointing Method" A great way to close the arms and legs without the ladder stitching showing along the seam lines.

Issue 3 Alfred

Make a beautiful antique style bear, learning the ageing techniques to make your bear look very loved. Make little overalls from a old flour or rice calico bag. The easy overall pattern can be used for any bear just reduce or enlarge the one-piece pattern. Stuffing options revealed, using the right stuffing for miniatures, larger bears and even antique options.

Issue 4 Duo

Working with colour create a simple bear in 2 colours and learn how colour can work for you, blending them together with the 2 colour raised appliquedéd pad pads that are a beautiful addition to any bear.

Issue 5  Teddy

 The first bear to use mink, as an insert muzzle, not only do you get to work with mink, but this pattern can be made from any fur and alpaca or mohair to create fluffy cheeks.

Issue 6  Bridget the Bunny

Create a sweet faced bunny with long ears and soften the look by using flannel for the inner ears and paw pads. Learn how to make your own bendy limbs for a fraction of the price of the ones you can buy, allowing your bears and bunnies to bend arms and legs for posing.

Issue 7  Blossom and Baby

An introduction to felting, this issues shows you the tools and gives you the felting knowledge to create a master piece, starting with a simple felted nose. Pulled paw pads are also covered in this issue.

Issue 8 Hershy

The bumper mink issue, over 150 photos showing every step from cutting out the pattern to scissor sculpting the perfect cheeks. This is like a one-to-one workshop with me, except you can look at it over and over. I believe this is one of the most important skills to master, you can create this finished look with mohair and alpaca too.

Issue 9 Firefly

Another miniature bear, this time with antenna and wings. Learn how to make your own.

Issue 10 Ginger

Learn the easy way to add open mouth and tongue to any bear. Another beautiful mink pattern.

Issue 11 Zhu Zhu or Basil

Time for a challenge, try a 40 + piece pattern, including the double jointed neck that allows bears to look up to the stars and down to form many poses. Add an optional open mouth, appliquedéd paw pads. This pattern makes a beautiful panda or sun bear. The perfect realistic award winning bear pattern.

Issue 12 ~ Tiger Lily

By popular demand another mink pattern, This bear was featured on the cover of Teddy Bear Review (US) and on the cover of Bear Basics and Beyond (by Helen Gleeson) and nominated for Golden Teddy awards.This issue shows how to add the eye accents and dark fur patches under the eyes. Make your very own famous Tiger Lilly Bear.

These guides can be printed and filed for an amazing reference file. All you will ever need. You can choose to add the paws technique to any other bear once you know the steps. Learn the button method for sculpting eyes and use it on all bears, never have a dimple in the back of your bears head again. Slit joint your bears so there are no more ugly ladder stitches on your bears anymore. Learn everything you need to be inspired to create your own beautiful bears.

These patterns and guides are supplied as PDF and can be downloaded straight to your ipad using the included iBooks app. Make your bears while flicking through the guide as you go.

Join the Bare Designs Club and you will receive 12 patterns and 12 guides
Join now for instant access $80

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